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Starting off Strong


How you start the school year can determine how well the rest of the year will go. Here's how to make sure your child gets off to a great start this year:

1. Settle into a routine. Kids thrive on predictability. So have a regular time for homework. Set and stick to a regular bedtime. Plan a morning routine that gets everyone out the door on time.

2. Before you go to bed, have school clothes picked out, pack backpacks and place them by the door with any other items your child needs to take to school.

3. It is also helpful to make school lunches at night so they're waiting in the refrigerator the next morning.

4. Set Goals. Students who do best in school have both short and long term goals. Whether it's earning an A in math or preparing to become a veterinarian, your child needs goals to keep him/her on the right track.

5. Don't over-schedule your child. Give your child time to unwind after school--especially during the first few weeks.

6. Get to know your child's teacher. When parents and teachers are on the same team, kids do better in school. Once you've met face to face, you'll find it easier to ask a question or share a concern about your child.

7. Insist that your child give his best effort in school. If your child knows that school is important to you, it will also be important him/her.

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