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Kid in Graduation Gown

College Day


The following are some questions/topics that can help guide your conversation with your child in regards to the educational journey and your child’s college dreams!


Students can expand their college knowledge just by talking to a family member who attends or graduated from college. (parents, older sibling or cousin, aunt or uncle.)

  1.  Where did you go to elementary school?  Middle school?  High school?  College or technical school?

  2. What did you like most about school?  The least?

  3. Were you encouraged to do well in school?  What messages did adults (parents, teachers) give you about your education?

  4. Did you go to college?  Why or why not?

  5. If you had a chance to further your education, what would you study?


A family member can direct the questions below to the student.  You may need to help your child with the answers.

  1.  What do you like most about school?  The least?

  2. What is your dream job?  Do you need a college or technical degree to get that job?

  3. How long will you need to go to college or technical school to get this job?

  4. What are some good reasons to go to college?

  5. Where do you want to go to college?

  6. What skills do you need to do well in college?


Child-Friendly College & Career Websites

  1. Want to Show your Child What a College Campus Looks Like?  Online tours of thousands of college campuses.

  2.   Learn about school, college.  Games and Quizzes.

  3.  Encouraging girls into the world of engineering.

  4.  Learn about the Federal Bureau of Investigation through fun and game.

  5. Learn about National Aeronautics and Space Administration through games and videos.

  6. Learn more about careers at Sea World, Busch Gardens, &  Discovery Cove.

  7. Featuring Math and Science Careers.

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